I have not seen this movie and I do not plan on seeing it either. What I have heard is that it is very emotional movie. Well these parents could not contain themselves.

One family from New York has shown just how emotional the musical film is, as they sob loudly in a video taken after they left the cinema.The Tom Hooper movie, which stars Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, is based on the Victor Hugo novel of economic strife and uprising in 19th century France.

After a family trip to watch the film, Ryan and Kevin Ferguson from Long Island, New York uploaded a video of their parents crying as they drove home, clearly shaken up by the film's closing moments.

I now feel like I need to at least see the last minutes of the film. These parents are crying like they lost a family member, I now need to see the last scenes of Les Misérables. Wow never thought I would say that statement.

Check out the Parents Reaction to Les Misérables below: