A new petition has started with the intent of getting TLC to cancel '19 Kids and Counting' over the Duggar family's anti-LGBT stance and actions.

The petition on Change.org accuses the Duggar family of participating in fear mongering against the LGBT community.  One example given in the petition is an automated phone call from matriarch Michelle Duggar speaking out against an anti-discrimination law in Arkansas, saying,

Hello, this is Michelle Duggar. I’m calling to inform you of some shocking news that would affect the safety of Northwest Arkansas women and children.

The Fayetteville City Council is voting on an ordinance this Tuesday night that would allow men – yes I said men – to use women's and girls' restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only. I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls.

According to the petition, the Duggars have donated $10,000 to help repeal the anti-discrimination law.

The petition also notes eldest-Duggar-son Josh's work with the Family Research Council, a group that was labeled as a Hate Group in 2010 and was at the center of controversy over linking homosexuality and pedophilia, and promoting "ex-gay therapy", a discredited practice.

At the time of posting this article, the petition has received nearly 46,000 of their 100,000 needed signatures.