Latin superstars Pitbull and Shakira light up the screen and get pulses racing at dangerous levels in the action-packed video for his banging new single ‘Get It Started.’

In the clip, Mr. Worldwide is a voyeur, watching a beautiful brunette on surveillance cameras while he pours himself a drink. It’s quickly established that something ain’t right.

She’s married and doesn’t seem happy in that situation and her man appears to be involved in some possible dirty dealings. Judging from the longing looks Pit gives while she is on the TV screens, there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ going on between them.

Oh yeah, there sure is. He “rescues” her from her unhappy relationship and they sneak off together for a little sexafied rendezvous. Expect your screen to steam up when these two start getting it on. It’s PG-13.

Since Pit rules clubs and dancefloors with his jams, there are plenty of shots from that atmosphere and environment. You can’t have a Pitbull video with people dancing! That would be uncivilized, right?

The lovely Shakira doesn’t factor into the plot. Instead, she is a gilded goddess, serving as a window dressing of sorts. She is draped in a gold gown, singing her parts while perched on a balcony, looking fabulous as always.

The vid is fast and furious, and there’s some fast car chases and fireworks, too. Just watch it and get it started with Pit!