Popeye the sailor man, a proud Texan.

Does This Generation Even Know About Popeye?

I know about Popeye from the cartoons, but he actually got his start in a comic strip called Thimble Theater. Popeye became so popular, he got his own cartoon strip and the first newspaper to syndicate Popeye in America was the Victoria Advocate in Victoria, Texas. When the newspaper celebrated it's anniversary back in the day, they actually got a letter from Popeye's author E.C. Segar. The letter is written from Popeye though.

"Texas is the greates' state -- Victoria is the swelles' town an' yourn is the bes' paper -- Victoria is me ol' home town on account of tha's where I got born'd at."

Did You Know Texas is the Spinach Capital of the World?

Yes, Crystal City, Texas claims to be the Spinach Capital of the World and boy do they celebrate it in style. A THREE DAY festival happens every November. They have a carnival, parade, pageant, and live music over that three day period. Who else loves spinach? Popeye of course and Popeye actually has a statue in town.

Popeye Statue in Texas

Since 1936, the Popeye statue has stood in the Spinach capital of the world, which of course makes sense. So what makes Crystal City the Spinach Capital of the World. Well they make a ton of it, duh. However Del Monte, the popular vegetable can company has a facility in Crystal City, Texas that ships all over.

Another Spinach Capital of the World?

So in doing some research on this Spinach Capital of the World claim, I discovered Alma, Arkansas. Who also says they have that title and wouldn't you know it. They have a Popeye fountain in town. So I guess Popeye is cheating on us...just a little bit. Still, pretty cool that a random Popeye statue is chilling in Texas.

Top Ten Trashiest Towns in Texas

Time to take out the trash or show off the trash of Texas. Check out the top ten below. (All crime statistics were pulled from www.neighborhoodscout.com based on each individual town. See editor's note for Lufkin, Texas.)

Texas Family Went to EVERY Buc-ee's in Texas

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