Prince Jackson opened up about the wisdom his late father, Michael Jackson, left him and his siblings before the pop icon's tragic 2009 passing.

In an interview with ITV's This Morning, Prince, 23, explained that his father's past advice and actions still motivate him to this day.

"I feel that the older I get, the more I get to unpackage the wisdom he left and all the experiences he imparted on us," he shared. "When I see them through a more mature perspective. I’m just extremely grateful to have the life experiences with him that I did and the knowledge he imparted on me."

Michael left Prince and the world with powerful inspiration in many forms.

"One thing for me is he wanted us to be the best at whatever it is that we did, and it’s a form of motivation and inspiration," Prince, whose real name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., admitted. "No matter what you do or how confident you feel or how well you did something, he’d say, 'That’s great, but what’s next? … What’re you going to learn from this and apply to improve the next one?'"

The drive to keep trying his best extends into Prince's charity and music video production work, as well his everyday life: "It's always [about] figuring out maybe what I did last time was alright, but I need to make it better or the best… one year is fantastic, [so] the next year needs to be incredible."

Prince also revealed that grieving the death of his father does not get easier with time. "Every year I’m more appreciative of that and I miss him even greater because that’s my father," he concluded.

Prince is currently working on a philanthropic project, Heal Los Angeles, which is based off his father's Heal The World Foundation.

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