So PSY made an appearance at the American Music Awards and he brought a special guest with him.

Lets be honest the hottest dance of this year is going to be Gangnam Style. The hottest dance of the early 90's was the hammer dance. STOP! Hammer Time! Come on don't act like you don't remember that. Well they decided to combine both dancers in a performance that won't be forgotten.

So it starts off with PSY performing Gangnam Style and then it gets dark. You then hear MC Hammer's Too Legit to Quit. Out of nowhere MC Hammer takes the stage and starts dancing with PSY. An amazing dance routine between the two takes place at the American Music Awards.

Two things, MC Hammer looks like he has not aged a bit. Hammer must be dancing everyday staying in shape, good for you Hammer. Second "Too Legit to Quit" and "Gangnam Style" go perfectly together. Can we get a duet album from these two?

Watch PSY and MC Hammer below:

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