Let's delve into some more Wichita Falls movie references today.

Earlier, I told you about a Wichita Falls actress that played in a famous scene in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. In my IMDB rabbit hole, I stumbled upon this as well. Looks like in the movie 'Kill Bill: Volume 1', Wichita Falls has a mention that should really not be in the movie.

Wichita Falls Mistake?

This is right after the massacre at the chapel where everyone gets killed. The police are investigating the murder scene which takes place in El Paso, Texas. For some reason, they're picking up KTRN a Wichita Falls radio station. Listen to it above.

Come on out to Dallas. This is Rockabilly Rhythms on KTRN, Wichita Falls.

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Somehow a radio in El Paso is picking up a Wichita Falls radio station almost 600 miles away. Here is why this scene also has another major mistake in it. This part of the movie is set in 1999, KTRN in Wichita Falls went away back in 1985. By this time in 1999, KTRN would have become our very own NewsTalk 1290 AM. KTRN was one of the oldest radio stations in Texas and you can read about it's history here.

By the way, if you were curious what the song is that is playing from this Wichita Falls radio station. It is 'That Certain Female' by Charlie Feathers.

Imagine if another Tarantino world could have collided and we could have heard Jungle Julia on the radio in Wichita Falls. Hey, anything is possible. Texas Ranger Earl McGraw does investigate both crimes in each movie.

Texas Radio Legend Jungle Julia

Earl McGraw Also in Death Proof

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