Inspired by the original 'Raining Food' video, we managed to talk Eric the Intern into letting us dump loads of food on his head for this slow-motion video - all in the name of fighting hunger.

YouTubers Steve Kardynal and Alex Negrete, the makers of the original 'Raining Food' videos, have teamed up with Action Against Hunger and started something they are calling Raining for Charity. "...We decided to use the exposure our videos receive as a tool to raise awareness and help save lives," Steve and Alex said on the Raining for Charity website. "To do our part, we will be donating a large portion of the profits we receive from our videos to Action Against Hunger," the pair continued.

Steve and Alex's raining food videos currently have over 2.5 million views combined.

We thought that their approach to such a widespread problem was pretty unique and entertaining so we decided to help them spread the word by doing our own Raining Food video.

So watch Eric take one for the team in the video below, and then go check out the Raining for Charity website and make a donation to Action Against Hunger and help save some lives.

Big thanks to Applebee's in Wichita Falls for providing the food for this video.

*All of the food used was either expired or no longer fit for consumption based on Health Department guidelines.

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