On Reddit, people are sharing the signs that someone peaked in high school, and some of the signs are way too relatable.

"How do you know if someone peaked in high school? Don't worry. They'll tell you," one user joked on the forum, sparking a cascade of responses from others.

According to the internet, people who peaked in high school are known to brag about their past popularity and high school hookups.

"My ex-stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of like 500 people). She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her. She was in her mid-40s," one person shared.

"Prom queen that had a short stint in modeling after high school had a kid and never got over it," someone else wrote.

"When you're 50 years old, and you still talk about all the parties you went to in high school — i.e., my father," another commented.

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Those who peaked in high school often reminisce about their big game day plays.

"Like your biggest claim to fame is you scored four touchdowns in one game of high school football? I know a guy like that, a legend," one person shared.

"I know a guy pushing 40 that still wears his varsity letterman jacket," another wrote.

According to Reddit, participation in an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme is another typical indicator someone never left the high school mentality.

"Hey, girl, hey! Do you wanna be your own 'boss babe' while working from home?! It's just a pyramid scheme," someone commented.

"I never associated pyramid scheme people with having peaked in high school before, but it makes total sense. Totally explains the girl I know who has gone through probably a solid dozen MLMs in the last few years and still acts like a teenager," another wrote.

Lingering school pride seems to be another red flag to spot people who peaked in high school.

"One guy I knew literally got our school emblem and mascot in a huge 'CLASS OF 2010' tattooed on his shoulder," one person shared.

"They want to organize high school reunions every five years," another added.

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