As a Dallas Cowboys fan and living in Maryland for 18 years, I was bred to hate this team. A few members of Congress wanted Roger Goodell to change the name of the team. Well he finally came out with a statement today.

I know as of right now 2 newspapers in United States do not even address the team as the Redskins. In the paper for scores they put Pigskins. Roger has finally come out with a statement saying "the Washington Redskins nickname is unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.''

Goodell was responding to a letter from 10 members of Congress who want the name changed because it is offensive to many Native Americans. Goodell cited the nickname's origins and polls that support its popularity. He wrote that he understands the feelings surrounding it are complex and could change, but he also point out fan pride in the team's heritage.

The name is the subject of a legal challenge from a group seeking to have the team lose its trademark protection.Team owner Dan Snyder has vowed to never change the name. Now I know in our very own city that Midwestern State was forced to change its mascot from Indians to Mustangs. It is a little awkward going to MSU games though and seeing people still do the tomahawk wave for good luck.

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