There is drama brewing in Selena Gomez‘s world, and turns out it’s over a giant misunderstanding and a communication breakdown. DJ Kidd Kraddick, from the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show here on 92.9 NIN, inspired Gomez’s ire (and that of her boyfriend Justin Bieber) over comments he allegedly made about the news that Gomez’s mother is pregnant.

Sel happily revealed the pregnancy news last week, and earlier today, it got back to the singer that Kidd, who comments on celebs on his show, said something to the effect wishing a miscarriage or abortion on her mother.

Whoa! The teen took to Twitter to address the comments in a tweet that has since been deleted. She had tweeted (courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t) : “Kidd I used to look up to you. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.”

Her BF The Biebs also issued his own disapproving tweet, which read: “Smooth kid. Real smooth. Smh.” That tweet has also been deleted from The Biebs’ heavily followed feed, as well.

The audio of Kidd talking about the news is below. He and his crew  joke about it being weird that Selena is 20 — she’s actually 19 — and having a pregnant mother. They speculate about her age and discuss how women are having babies later in life and how it has to be odd to have a 19-year difference with your sibling.

Later in the show, Kraddick’s female sidekick, Kellie Rasberry, joked that Selena’s mom is actually doing a cover up and that it’s Selena who is pregnant and will claim she needs rest after her tour and thus disappear from public in order to give birth under the guise of her mom being preggers.

Not one of those comments made any reference to miscarriage or abortion. Kraddick himself tweeted: “@selenagomez Never said one word about a miscarriage, abortion, or anything of the kind. It’s completely made up.”

Looks like Gomez and The Biebs may have reacted a bit quickly in this case.

Listen to Kidd Kraddick Talk About Selena Gomez