Self-driving cars – what could possibly go wrong? 

You can count me in with those who are not too thrilled with the thought of a bunch of vehicles running the roads with no human beings inside of them. Sure, we humans make plenty of stupid errors. 

But I’ll take human error over computer malfunction all day every day when it comes to operating a vehicle.

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And this is coming from someone who does not insist on driving when traveling. Unless we’re talking about no other human being behind the wheel. In that case, I’ll drive. 

Of course, my concerns have been all about safety. When self-driving cars were first introduced, all I could imagine was a car running a red light or veering into a lane and crashing into another car or someone on a motorcycle or bicycle. 

One thing that didn’t occur to me was the possibility of self-driving cars being a public nuisance. 

For instance, in the below video, you see a whole bunch of those things blocking a street in Austin. Almost all of them are just sitting there. 

You do see one of the cars trying to back up. However, it’s not clear as to whether or not it was able to get out of the traffic jam. 

One thing is for sure, though. And that’s the fact that I would have been livid if that barricade prevented me from getting to where I needed to go.


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