Some drug dealer somewhere is pissed right now.

Not a lot of information is being released about this incident right now, but some beach goers happened to find something pretty interesting floating in the ocean this week. Several packages were floating in the water and police were called out to the scene. Police confirmed that the packages contained cocaine. How much cocaine washed up on the shore?


110 pounds to be exact. That's a pretty big pile of cocaine seized and police are unsure if more floaters are out there right now. They did not give the exact location where the drugs were found, probably not trying to encourage folks from going on a drug hunt. They did say it was a beach between Corpus Christi and Galveston. So good luck if you go searching for more.

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The police also urge folks to not pick up random packages in the water. They say that a package of cocaine like this could possibly not be sealed all the way. If the drug becomes wet and you pick it up, it is possible it could absorb into your skin. End up like that scene in SLC Punk when the guy has the acid in his pocket and runs through the sprinklers.

The bundles were processed, photographed and placed in evidence lockers for proper disposal, the sheriff’s office said. This amount of cocaine had a street value of around $200,000.

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