What kind of sick person would do this? 

Apparently, someone in the Iowa Park area is torturing neighborhood cats. According to a post by Mary Kemp, this is the third cat found in the area with its tail viciously removed.

Iowa Park resident Sarah Bayley said she found the orange cat pictured here Thursday morning outside the Kamay post office near a box with blood in and around it.

At first, it appeared as though the cat's tail had been cut off, but an update from the vet today says otherwise. "The vet said the tail was not cut off it was torn off by swinging her around," Sarah said. "They also ripped off 3 vertebrae from the spine. The doctors say it's a miracle she is even walking."

Sarah says they decided to name the little kitty Lucky Kay. Lucky is scheduled to have surgery over the weekend. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Lucky's medical care. I'll keep you posted on how she's doing.

I contacted the Iowa Park police department and they confirmed that there have been several reports of cats missing their tails in a similar fashion. They said they have seen the photos of the mutilated cats and will keep an eye out for more photos if they pop up. The condition of the other two cats found with missing tails is unclear.

If you know anything that might help find the person responsible for abusing the cats, you can contact Iowa Park police at: (940) 592-2181.

In the meantime, I would suggest if you have an outdoor cat in the Iowa Park area, bring that little guy or gal inside for now.

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