Like so many noir books of the past, this is a story of love, jealousy, and murder.

22-year-old Justin Cook has been arrested for attempting to arrange the murder of an inmate in California whom his ex-girlfriend fell for, and his ex-girlfriend if she didn't return to him.

According to KFDX, an informant told authorities that Cook approached him last month about arranging the death of a California inmate whom his ex-girlfriend had become romantically interested in.


Cook reportedly offered $900 for the hit, which he hoped could be planned through a prison fight. According to the informant, he initially went along with Cook's plan, but came up with a fake hitman in the hopes that Cook would be dissuaded if he felt the plan was actually coming together. However, when Cook saw a picture of his ex-girlfriend and the inmate with Cook's children, he was resolved to follow through with the plan. It was then the informant went to the police.

Police provided the informant with a video recording device, capturing Cook offering $3,000 for the death of his ex-girlfriend if she didn't return to him within a month of the inmate's death, making sure her death looked like a mugging and that the children must not be present.

Cook was arrested by a Texas Ranger in Wichita Falls on July 29th, the day the first half of the $900 contract was to be paid.

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