Shawn Mendes addressed the longstanding rumor that he and Justin Bieber were once enemies.

On Thursday (December 17), the "Wonder" singer went undercover on social media as part of an interview with GQ. He spoke about the rumor that he and the "Lonely" singer feuded at the beginning of Mendes' music career.

“Justin and I were never enemies," he clarified. "We were maybe not friends. I mean, yeah, I guess I wasn’t texting and being like, ‘Yo, how you doing today?’ But we were never enemies, absolutely, and that’s kind of something that people may be might’ve turned it into at some point.”

“When he made the video and he was like, ‘Who’s Shawn Mendes?,’ he said he really genuinely didn’t know who I was and I believed him, so whatever,” Mendes explained in reference to a viral interview in which Bieber claimed he didn't know who Mendes was.

“Maybe he did and he was trying to bug me either way. But I mean, honestly, I really love him. He’s been so sweet and super gracious and giving with his advice and with his energy, so he’s a good friend.”

Watch the interview, below.

Mendes also told Entertainment Tonight that he and Bieber bonded over finding fame at a young age.

“We’ve known each other for a few years but for some reason during the pandemic we ended up becoming kind of closer than ever before,” Mendes said.

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