Sometimes it's hard to find just the right gift for dad. You can only buy so many ties and tools before the 'cool' factor wears off. However, if you make dad a gift it will be something he will cherish forever. These are gifts that need a little adult supervision and assistance, but are based on the kids photos or artwork.

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    A calendar is something dad can use all year long and what makes this calendar special is the artwork that is provided by the kids. You can find free calendar templates online like this one and print out the complete year. Then have the kids draw or color a picture to represent each month of the year. Place those on a sheet of construction paper and dad has a gift he can use all year long.

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    Picture Frame

    This one is super easy. Simply buy a picture frame, paint it and have the kids decorate it simply using some Elmer's glue and foam cutouts, buttons, beads. ribbon or other small items you find in the crafts department. Place a photo of dad or dad with the kids and you are done. It can be placed on the desk at work, a table at home or hung on the wall for years to come.

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    Photo Album

    This needs a little more supervision than the previous suggestions but it's still pretty easy. Glue photos of dad and the kids onto 8 1/2 x 11 in. construction paper and let the kids use glitter, stickers, feathers, beads, or other adornments to finish decorating the pages. Then punch 3 holes down one side of the paper and use string to tie them together making your own photo album. You, can of course, depending on the age of the kids, make this more elaborate and use more of a scrapbooking technique. This makes a great keepsake that can be passed down.

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    Table Coasters

    This is a really neat idea that makes a great gift for any occasion. Take tile pieces and glue a photo onto them using Mod Podge (works best) and then spray them with an acrylic sealant. Glue felt squares to the bottom side of the tile and let dry. These make cute, personal coasters for tables. You can also use these as a wall arrangement and instead of placing felt on the back glue a frame hook to the back.

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    Gift Baskets

    Ok this one is super easy. Just grab a basket and line it with a bandana. Then fill it up with some of dad's favorite things. If he likes movies you put a couple of movies, some popcorn and candy, add a couple of his favorite soft drinks and you have a movie lovers basket. If he likes to grill you could had a few spices, an apron, some tongs or other BBQ gadgets, you get the idea. This is an easy and thoughtful gift that dad will love, I promise you.

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