Six-pack, washboard, abs, The Situation - no matter what you call them, when they're right, they're nice! Which is why 92.9 NIN and Planet Fitness are looking for the best six-pack in Texoma, and we're willing to pay to see it! Prizes up for grabs include an iPad 3, 1-year memberships to Planet Fitness and some Planet Fitness swag!

Home of the Judgment Free Zone

All you have to do is upload a picture of your abs - with 92.9 NIN written on them - to Instagram using the hashtag #NINSixPack.  We'll feature all photo submissions in the gallery below and let YOU pick the best six-pack abs in Texoma.

Voting will begin on Monday, October 1st (but you can upload photos throughout the entire contest) and the six-pack with the most votes by 11:59 pm Sunday, October 21st will win a shiny new iPad 3 and a 1-year membership to Planet Fitness! Second place will win a 1-year membership to Planet Fitness and third place will win a pile of Planet Fitness swag (gym bag, t-shirt, water bottle and tanning lotion).

To enter: Upload a photo of your abs to Instagram using hashtag #NINSixPack. If you are not familiar with Instagram, check out our awesomely simple Instagram how-to guide. 

REMEMBER: The abs in your photo MUST have '92.9 NIN' visibly written on them to qualify for the contest!

So start crunching today and put your Situation on display! From Planet Fitness and the station playing Today's Hit Music, 92.9 N-I-N.