Rain delays are an all too common thing in baseball. Snake delay, that's a new one.

I have seen some strange delays in baseball. Rain and snow are the ones we see most common. I have seen a lighting delay because a stadium lost power. The strangest one I had seen, was a bee delay. That was until today when we had a snake delay. Hell to the no, I don't mess around with snakes.

Over in San Antonio, the Roughriders were taking on the Missions. During the eighth inning on Friday, the new 'mascot' took the field. A rather large snake wanted to take part in the game. It took a couple of minutes to wrangle the snake into a bucket using a rake.

This is actually not the first animal on the field in the past week. On Thursday, a little kitten was in the outfield during the game. It was eventually grabbed and taken off the field. Sounds like the San Antonio Missions have an animal control issue in their stadium. However, they're 2-0 when animals interrupt a game. So maybe they're good luck.

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