This is the stuff of nightmares right here.

I’m going to throw it out there right here and now – I do not like snakes. Don’t get me wrong, I realize they’re good for the environment, and the vast majority aren’t poisonous. Regardless, they freak me out.

There’s just something about watching those things slither around that gives me the willies.

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So, I have to give credit to the guy who filmed the video of a snake that was on the loose on the patio at Life’s Good Bar & Grill on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. He’s a much braver hombre than I am.

Judging by his response, he clearly didn’t expect the snake he was filming to slither right up the chair he was sitting in on its way to the nearby table, but he remained relatively cool and just kept on filming.

I would’ve been more like the other dudes who were headed in the opposite direction once the snake made its way onto the table. However, I probably would’ve evacuated the patio, paid my check, and got the hell out of there in under 60 seconds, constantly on high alert.

Good luck not thinking about the video the next time you’re sitting on the patio at a bar and grill in the middle of the big city. You never know what kind of critter might come along to pay you a visit.

The video isn’t embeddable, so take a look at it here. And enjoy some of my favorite Twitter comments below (most of which were posted by people who share my fear of snakes).

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