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A lot of people will probably disagree with this, but the city says it has a reason for it.

It's nice to see our downtown get better every year, then a story like this comes up and everyone freaks out. Major shoutout to Alex Achten over at KAUZ on his recent story on the downtown murals being removed, something I didn't know was happening. We have done a story on some of these downtown murals before, we love them all. Sadly, looks like some of them are being washed off of buildings in downtown Wichita Falls.

Apparently, they don't follow the historic code for downtown Wichita Falls. These brick buildings were meant to last for several years and anything that could potentially hurt the structure of the buildings is not allowed. For instance, painting them. If you're anything like me, you thought these paintings enhanced the building.

Turns out the paint will trap moisture in the brick, which will eventually cause deterioration over a period of years. Some of these murals have been removed. I don't know how many more will be removed, but the city says they encourage the artist's paintings on the buildings, just not directly on the brick. Some buildings have done the painting and then attached it to the side of the building.

I still want answers as to why the 'Rick and Morty' murals were removed. One was on a wood door, which you can paint on. Then a dumpster, who gives a crap about a dumpster. Literal trash goes in there, at least make it look nice. Put Dumpster Rick back in downtown Wichita Falls and I will forgive these other murals being washed away.

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