From the producers behind Sony's Academy Award-winning Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse comes Connected, a unique twist on a family road trip comedy.

Directed by Mike Rianda and co-written by Rianda and Jeff Rowe, Connected follows a father (Danny McBride) looking to make memories with his daughter Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson) before she heads off to film school. He decides that the family should drive up to visit Katie's school for one last bonding moment, but their trip is interrupted by an apocalyptic robot uprising.

Check out the trailer here:

Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller met Rianda while working on Spider-verse, and took interest in his offbeat tale of fostering family connections in an increasingly digital world.

Connected will also feature the voice over talents of Maya Rudolph as Katie's overly optimistic mother and Rianda himself as her oddball little brother. The whole family, along with their plump loaf of a dog named Monchi, will learn how to reconnect with each other while battling the technology that threatens to conquer them.

With eye-catching animation and genuinely appealing characters, Connected looks like it will rise above standard animated blockbuster fare. It honestly feels pretty Pixar-y, with the Mitchell family dynamic not unlike The Incredibles' Parr family.

Connected is set to release in theaters September 18th, 2020. That is, if the robot apocalypse doesn't get us first.

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