I'm already prepared for all of your angry comments. "I thought you said they weren't opening!" Please allow me to explain myself.

Let me get this out of the way. The 2021 Spirit Halloween store will be open today in Sikes Senter Mall. They're going into the old Lunar Golf location near JcPenny. Obviously, since they're in the mall, they will have to follow the same hours as the mall. 11-7 Monday through Thursday, 11-8 Friday and Saturday, Sunday 12-6.

Now, I am sure you may have seen my previous story about Wichita Falls NOT getting a Spirit Halloween store. I did that story several weeks ago, when the Lawton location was opening. I thought it was weird that Lawton had one, but we didn't. I called Spirit's corporate number and they said Wichita Falls wasn't getting one.

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I wrote the story and everyone freaked out. I then got some comments from people saying I was wrong. So, I recalled the number and they said verbatim, "If a Spirit in your town has not filed paperwork by now for a store, they're not getting one." So I kept the story up, then I got a call from the owner of the Spirit in Lawton, who ALSO owns the one in Wichita Falls.

He assured me, we were getting one and he was just looking for the best lease option in the city. Obviously Spirit only needs a short lease, don't need to be open much past Halloween. This was taking a bit longer and they were also having supply issues. It was best to open the Wichita Falls location later.

That day is finally here, so if you have been craving Halloween merch. Spirit is now open in Wichita Falls! Now everyone can get off my back about ruining Halloween.

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