Texoma’s Best 2018 winner for Live Music, Deep In It, will dive into new waters with Austin-based vocalist Malford Milligan.


Milligan carries a musical resume from 3 recorded Storyville CDs, appearing on Conan O Brian and America’s Got Talent, to touring with names like BB King.

But what brought Milligan to Wichita Falls is none other than love.

That love to local artist Vickie Milam was the connection between Deep In It’s vocalist Brian Beck and Milam’s now fiancé and blues singer.

On a far-shot idea, Beck asked Milam if Milligan would be interested in performing together but when Milligan agreed by phone call, Beck thought he only meant as openers. After seeing Deep In It perform, Milligan envisioned sharing the stage with Texoma’s most loved live musical band.


A certain nostalgia and accomplishment comes with performing together but nobody said it would be easy. As Derek Kuehner and lead guitarist describes the opportunity as “big shoes to fill.” Upon requesting chords to practice, Milligan informed the band he was a vocalist and had no chords to share. Deep In It must rehearse off their ears alone. If anyone is able to pull off such a feat, it is the band of all self-taught musicians.


Bill Pennington said he’s looking forward to having fun with the show but “…it’s a lot more fun when you nail the songs.”

Milligan shares a common history with Deep In It, only starting his music career at age 29.

“Because I’m an albino, I would walk down the street and people would look at me funny…music is such a great way to transcend differences between people,” Milligan continued about his early moments singing blues and soul, “When I first started singing, pain, anger and rage were my friends on stage.” Mulligan admits he would “delve” all the way into songs like “Don’t Make Me Cry” until a stage teacher instructed him to “save some for himself.” But Milligan said in the beginning, he was “deep in it.”


This show will be the first Storyville show Milligan has performed since 2006 and admits he’s “struggling to remember those songs too.”

Deep In It drummer Billy Pennington keeps a spare set of drum sticks in the event he throws them. Which happened during a recent show but Storyville’s “Cynical” makes him relate on a personal level.


Pennington said “I had a really nasty break up about two years ago where I got really angry and depressed and I was so cynical about everything. I relate to that song a lot. It’s a really great tune. And it’s fun to play”

Milligan has a respect for the father and son connection on stage for Beck and his father and rhythm guitarist Robert Duncan. “Okay, I’m done. I can go home and live and die in peace forever,” Duncan said about his upcoming show with the Storyville singer.

Deep In it will perform with Malford Milligan at Iron Horse Pub on Friday November 30 at 7 pm.

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