Having a stalker is creepy enough. This guy takes it to another level. 

Robert Lee Venegas has been charged with stalking a woman that he used to date. This weird case starts back on September 24th. Venegas broke through her bedroom window and damaged her air conditioner. The woman repaired the window, Venegas returned hours later and threw a frying pan through it.

Photo Courtesy of Wichita Falls Police Department
Photo Courtesy of Wichita Falls Police Department

For the past few months, Venegas has around a dozen calls to the police department on him. He played love songs under her bathroom window and left a note for the woman on her property. He also threw brass knuckles at her car shattering a window. He would bang on her windows and doors. If Venegas saw the woman with another man, he would threaten to harm him. He also followed and swerved at her car numerous times.

Venegas told police he loves this woman and couldn't stay away from her. Robert Lee Venegas has bonds totaling more than sixty thousand dollars.

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