Cells-U-More was kind enough to hook us up with these new intelligent drift smart hoverboards, so we decided to race them around our studios - Mario Kart style.

Let me go on record and say this: this race is not the first race we did. I beat this kid the first time. I swear on anything that I did. No one is going to believe me, but I promise I did.

This is actually the second race and I will admit she beat me 'fair' and square. Well, sort of. If you notice, Buzzy clearly aimed for me and not the kid. What the hell Buzzy, I actually work with you. I am going to set that bird on fire next time I see him for betraying me like that.

Even though I lost the SECOND race, these hoverboards are a lot of fun. You can pick them up at Cells-U-More in Wichita Falls at Kell and McNeil, and you'll even have a chance to win one in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the website for more details.

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