The scene... Gotham City Hall.  A brawl has broken out on the steps of city hall involving Gotham City police officers, what appears to be inmates from Arkham Asylum, Batman, and new villain Bane.  During the battle, Catwoman takes control of the Bat-Pod and drives it down the steps towards the camera.

HEY!  We said TOWARDS the camera, not over!

At this time it is not clear who missed their mark, the stunt driver or the camera operator.  Reps for Warner Bros have yet to comment, but sources close to the project have said that the camera was not damaged.

I highly doubt that.  You can definitely see pieces of the camera fly off once it hits the concrete.  And its not the first time an IMAX camera, which are in limited supply as is, has been destroyed filming a Christopher Nolan Batman movie.

via TMZ