It's no secret that James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad is going to be violent. The standalone sequel and soft reboot of David Ayer's Suicide Squad will lean heavily into its R-rating, and even John Cena has said The Suicide Squad is "quite graphic." Therefore, it's not surprising that Gunn's HBO Max spinoff series, Peacemaker, will be R-rated as well.

Peacemaker stars Cena as the titular character, a role which he will also play in The Suicide Squad. Peacemaker is a vigilante for peace who ironically will commit murder to obtain it.

Since the show's development, a rumor popped up stating that an edited, clean version of Peacemaker will air on The CW. Gunn took to Twitter to squash that rumor, simply because a broadcast-appropriate version would be impossible... Well, maybe not impossible, but 40 seconds long.

Now we know that Peacemaker will not only be edgier than your typical superhero fare, but it will be really R-rated. The show's exclusive HBO Max release means that Gunn and his cast can go places that broadcast television just wouldn't allow for.

And you can expect to see more DC spinoff series on HBO Max in the near future. According to DC Films president Walter Hamada, Warner Bros. wants every DC movie to get a complementary original series on the streaming platform. That means we've got a whole lot more DC content to look forward to. How much of it will be R-rated, however, remains unknown.

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