She has famous parents, she’s adorable and she’s a snappy little dresser, but is Suri Cruise also an author? In Touch magazine reports that she is.

The celebrity gossip magazine calls 5-year-old Suri Cruise “the new Dr. Seuss” in their December 5 issue and claims she is “currently penning her own children’s book.” The article also reports that Tom and Katie “think it’s so good, they plan to publish it when she’s finished.”

Cruise and Holmes reportedly told In Touch that their young daughter is “smart beyond her years” and that she’s also working on the illustrations for the book. The magazine quoted them as saying, “She is actually very talented for someone so young.”

But it seems that In Touch may be a bit out of touch on this story. A rep for Holmes told E! News that reports of Suri writing and illustrating a children’s book are “false.” She’s a busy girl, but apparently she’s busy at being a little girl and not an author.

We hope she’s busy perfecting her slide-across-a-wood-floor-in-socks dance moves instead. A book for children by a child sounds a little too quirky.