We shared this story earlier this week of a man who pointed a gun at another driver during a road rage incident in Lancaster, Texas. Police believe they now have the individual in custody.

If you missed it, police were asking everyone to share the video of this guy pointing a gun at a woman on I-35. Police believed the man to be Joseph Sida. He was brought in for questioning on Monday and released that day. He was arrested on Tuesday afternoon. Joseph Sida is claiming self-defense in the case.

He said he saw something in the other driver’s hand. “He thought it was a weapon,” Detective Joseph Brickett said. I believe Joseph is talking about the phone that Victoria Best was using to record Joseph's reckless driving.

"I'm happy that he's been arrested because I don't want him doing the same thing to someone else or scaring somebody else like he scared me,” Best said. Police say Sida does have a concealed handgun license. In fact, his boss says he carries a weapon for work. Sida works at the Dallas Zoo as an armed security guard.

Sida was booked into the Tri-City Jail and charged with deadly conduct. His bond has been set at $1,000. His boss says his employment is now under review.

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