T-Pain wasn't messing around, he wanted to know why he wasn't being shown any love in Big D.

So in case you did not know this, every artist keeps an eye on their presale tickets. Probably every week they're notified how ticket sales for their tour is going. Now T-Pain decided to share his presales with all of us on TikTok. The reason for this? To call out Dallas directly for only having 26% of the venue sold.

The only other city that is close to that is Chicago, but notice that is a SECOND show booked in the city, while the first show is 100% sold out. So technically the next closest is Buffalo, with 39% of tickets sold. I don't ever like seeing Buffalo and Dallas in the same sentence. Hopefully, Big D can outsell them in the next few weeks.

T-Pain is scheduled to perform at The Factory in Deep Ellum and some folks were criticizing the venue for lack of ticket sales. Apparently people called out the safety of Deep Ellum in recent weeks. The Dallas Mayor actually responded to those claims in a tweet above.

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This is what I am going to say on the subject of presale concert tickets. ALL of these artists are looking at these. T-Pain's show is not until May 18th still several weeks away, but him, and probably his management are concerned with the lack of ticket sales. I am sure if a certain presale is not hit by a certain date they would consider canceling that Dallas show.


This is EXACTLY what happens to us in Wichita Falls for concerts. I would say if you plan on going to a Wichita Falls concert. GET...THOSE...TICKETS ...EARLY, if you want the show to happen. Hell, nine times out of ten they do a presale discount so you can SAVE money by buying them early.


Hopefully T-Pain gets some ticket sales off of his TikTok because I am sure someone in his team wants to cancel that show.

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