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The First Clip From jOBS, Staring Ashton Kutcher
The first clip from Ashton Kutcher's new film jOBS has just been released and while it's not a whole lot, it still looks like this may be a pretty good movie. The film is based on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, and all of the major events that took place in his life since 1…
Ashton and Demi Have Officially Announced They Are Divorcing
Not the best week for Ashton Kutcher.  First he gets on Twitter and expressed his support for the disgraced coach Joe Paterno, and now his 6 year marriage with Demi Moore is coming to an end.  We've heard the rumors for a while now that Ashton might be the next person to go the route …
R.I.P. Charlie Harper
We've known for a while that Charlie Sheen will no longer be part of the hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men", with Ashton Kutcher signed on to fill his place for the new season.  Now the question is, how will Sheen be written out of the series?