Big Al

Big Al Goes On Date With A Member Of KiddNation
During 'Does That Make Me Crazy' last week, a member of KiddNation was wondering if after hearing about all of Big Al's dates if she wanted to go on a date with him would that make her crazy? Well, apparently not because Mary drove three hours to go on a date with Big Al!
Tin Can Turkey Man
Is this the best thing Big Al has ever done or the worst thing he has ever done?
Big Al’s Hot Dog Binge
Big Al was so giddy when he ran across one of his childhood favorite foods in the grocery store!
Big Al’s Bar is Being Investigated!
Al has noticed some suspicious things happening around the bar like glasses falling off shelves, faint throat clearing noises when the place is empty, and the song 'Man in the Mirror' randomly playing over and over on the jukebox when nobody has selected it!

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