Breast Cancer

How Often You Go to the Bathroom Can Affect Breast Cancer Risk
Let’s not beat (or beet!) around the bush: There is one bodily function that is critical to your health and provides important feedback about how you're doing, dietary-wise, to be your healthiest, yet no one wants to look at it or even think about it...
Fiber-Rich Diets Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
In all the recent health news, it's like we forgot all about the things that used to keep us up at night: Breast cancer, and other slow and silent scourges that one had our full attention. But unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, what will keep us healthy now, today, will still keep us healt…
What Does The Plain Heart Emoji On Facebook Mean
Guys - this is going to come as a surprise, but ladies have secrets that they are not telling us. One of those secrets you may have glanced at on Facebook last week. But since we are guys, we looked at it and didn't understand or care enough to question it

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