Chris Callaway

Are Boys or Girls Easier to Raise? [POLL]
A new national poll is out and it tries to answer the age-old question of which sex is easier to raise. Boy, or girls? Well, overwhelmingly, poll respondents said that boys were MUCH easier to raise than girls. Well, we want to know what Texoma thinks! Take our poll today and earn some VIP points!
What Movie Never Fails to Make You Cry? [Poll]
Kleenex just released a study in which they asked Australian women what movie makes your man cry, every time. The top 5 included "Marley and Me", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Notebook", and "Forrest Gump". Interesting, but we want to know what movie alway…
Michael Phelps Has Already Won 1 Gold Medal in London
Michael Phelps has done it again! Gold in London! However, this time it's not so great. The official Olympics website now has almost all of the Olympic athletes' official ID badge photos online, and unfortunately, Michael brings home the gold for having the WORST photo ever.
Check it out o…

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