How Good Looking Are You Really – According To Science?
I believe that the majority of people have a good opinion about their looks. That doesn't mean we are all gorgeous or handsome. Even the prettiest of people will nit-pick their own looks. How good looking are you really - according to science? There is a way to find out.
Get Your Fix of Cuteness Right Here
Most baby animals can appear cute by doing the simplest things. Such as playing in water. It's not that cute when an adult of any species decides to run through the ocean or take a bath. So we won't show those videos but here is a few baby animals playing in water...
Napping Kitten Gets Comforted By Mother [VIDEO]
My friend, Heather and Chaos both told me about this YouTube video where a momma cat hugs her kitten, mid-catnap and how cute it was so I had to check it out for myself.  And boy, IS IT!!  Read on to watch it yourself, plus four more squee-worthy instances of animal-on-animal snuggling.