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Day 17 of Your 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge
These Recipes are designed to fill you up and energize you all through the day. We have compiled a breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks—and for your pick of desserts check out the recipe carousel at the bottom of the 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge homepage...
The 5 Best Influencers We Are Most Inspired by Right Now
Plant-based blogging has taken the world by storm and more and more people are becoming vegan with the help of influencers and their delicious, easy-to-make recipes. It's easier than ever to save, share, and send recipes with your friends and encourage your loved ones to eat more plants...
Eat This On The Go: Chocolate Mocha Chia Pudding
WHY WE LOVE IT: If you're short on time before work, make this the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. You can leave it In the fridge for 15 minutes or 2-3 days.
Prep:  5 Minutes Sit:15 Minutes

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