There Are Actually Movies About Thanksgiving [LIST]
Right in between the two most popular holidays, Thanksgiving is repeatedly overlooked by the masses, and even in movies as well.  While there's a multitude of films that are staples of Halloween and Christmas, there's not as big of a cinematic market for Thanksgiving movies.
Movie Age Gaps – Older Men, Younger Women [LIST]
Recently, 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal was told that she was too old to play the love interest of a man in his 50s. Older men starring opposite younger women is so commonplace in Hollywood that no one bats an eye when it happens, yet when the roles are reversed and the woman is older than the man, …
10 of the Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies
With Christmas just weeks away, its time for the Christmas movies to start rolling out.  Either marathons on TV or breaking out your favorites from your Blu Ray collection, now's the times to enjoy Christmas classics, and some non-Christmas classics.
Alternate Endings to Some of Your Favorite Movies
With DVDs and Blu Rays dominating home video distribution for the last 15 years, seeing alternate endings to films has become rather commonplace.  But in the days before digital dics, we only heard of the alternate endings of films in articles and the occasional television special.
Making Movie History – A Look Back At 1994
While 1994 is nowhere near the level of cinematic achievement as what we covered in our look back of 1984, it was still a great year in film.  20 years ago we saw the rise of Jim Carrey with not one but three comedic blockbusters, tragedy striking the set of a comic book adaptation, one of the most …
Making Movie History – A Look Back At 1984
1984 is widely considered one of the greatest years in film, producing a staggering amount of films that are still loved and quoted 30 years later.  From 'Footloose' to 'Beverly Hills Cop', 1984 brought some of the greatest comedies, horror films, and sci-fi spectaculars eve…
The 5 Best Fire Hydrants in Wichita Falls [PHOTOS]
Everybody loves a good list post, right? It doesn't matter if the list is actually meaningful or accurate, it just matters that there are some things lined down the page with numbers next to them. Here's a list that will have you oohing and ahhing with your friends and family for weeks.

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