The 5 Best Fire Hydrants in Wichita Falls [PHOTOS]
Everybody loves a good list post, right? It doesn't matter if the list is actually meaningful or accurate, it just matters that there are some things lined down the page with numbers next to them. Here's a list that will have you oohing and ahhing with your friends and family for weeks.
The Best of Breaking the Fourth Wall
Breaking the Fourth Wall has become such a common literary trope for the simple fact that when it is done well, it is pretty memorable.  The idea of breaking the Fourth Wall originated in theatre, but has become far more common place in more modern media such as telelvision, movies, and video games.
Worst Movies of 2013
This year is a terrific 2-for-1 with Rifftrax and their "Worst of..." lists.  Not only did we get their 2nd Annual Worst 25 Films of All Time, we also get their Top 10 Worst Films of 2013 as voted on by half-a-million Rifftrax fans.
Even More Actors Who Almost Got The Big Role
When I'm working on other posts like Christmas or Horror movie trivia, I always seem to come across more trivia about actors who missed out on a role in a major film for one reason or another.  Believe me, I never thought we'd be up to five of these posts, but here are even more actors who almost got the big role...