Making Movie History – A Look Back at 1990
In continuing our look back at films celebrating a monumental anniversary this year, we now look at the films that helped usher in, and in some cases define, the 1990s.  Today we look at the films turning 25-years-old, the films from 1990.
10 of the Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies
With Christmas just weeks away, its time for the Christmas movies to start rolling out.  Either marathons on TV or breaking out your favorites from your Blu Ray collection, now's the times to enjoy Christmas classics, and some non-Christmas classics.
Making Movie History – A Look Back At 1989
Months ago we covered 1984 in film, widely considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, year in film.  But in looking at the films that came out just five years later, 1989 might be on par with, if not superior to, 1984.
Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 80’s
I am not proud of the 80's. I think there were a lot of fads and other things that happened that should be forgotten. That doesn't mean everything was bad though. Quite a few bands shone through the darkness of that decade and there were a number of irreplaceable cinematic masterpieces! In…

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