Looking for a Sign to Get a Nintendo Switch? Look No Further!
No gaming console has blown me away like the Nintendo Switch has. The console itself isn’t the only thing that’s versatile – the game selection for Switch is bigger than ever with new releases from old standbys like Mario and Zelda to new fun third party games! Check out our list of must-haves!
Forget Those Eyestrain Blues With These Blue-Light Blocking Glasses
The first pair of blue-light blocking glasses I ever owned were giant and frankly kind of ugly, but I wore them because looking at computer screens all day was giving me terrible headaches. Luckily the glasses industry has come around and realized that they can make blue-light blocking glasses that are stylish and useful!
VR Headsets, VR Games, VR Everything!
Sometimes I have to remind myself that VR isn't some sci-fi idea way out in the future. There are tons of great virtual reality devices and games out right now and you should treat yourself to seeing how far it's come in recent years.
What Would You Give Up For Technology?
Every night before I go to bed, I have a routine. I get on my phone and check my emails, Facebook, and Wichita Falls Craigslist. I even made a little goal to not check my phone at night and didn’t even make it a week!
A Touchpad That Touches You Back [Video]
As if the original iPad was not cool enough, Apple had to keep us coming back for more with the iPad 2, which caused quite a stir in our household because it came out within weeks of us buying the first iPad.  So now we must somehow find a way to survive with our camera-less iPad (you can add that to the list of First World Problems...