What We're Cooking This Weekend

BBQ Jackfruit Burger
What We're Cooking This Weekend: BBQ Jackfruit Burger
WHY WE LOVE IT: These jackfruit BBQ burgers are really easy to make. In fact, you can make the BBQ Jackfruit in about the same time as it would take to heat up a packaged burger in the oven...
Vegan Persimmon, Pomegranate and Caramelized Almonds Salad
Why We Love It: Persimmon's reduce inflammation and they are an excellent source of vitamin C and full of natural fiber. Pine nuts and almonds are high in protein and add a delicious crunchy to this leafy salad.
recipe Developer: @barbarafrenchvegan
Total Time: Prep: 10 Minutes, Make: 5 Minutes
Total I…
Rainbow Rice-Paper Rolls with Creamy Tamari Sauce
What We're Cooking This Weekend: Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls
FROM: @twospoons.ca
WHY WE LOVE IT: This beautiful dish looks like a work of art, taste delicious, and is very high in fiber and healthy carbohydrates.
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 30 Minutes, Make: 10 Minutes
Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad
Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad
WHY WE LOVE IT: Caesar is a salad that's long been misunderstood. It was not named for an emperor, but for a restauranteur named Caesar Cardini, from Tijuana Mexico. Equally flummoxing is that it is often as fattening and caloric as most steak dinners…

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