Female-Friendly Auto Repair
After being disrespected and treated unfairly by an auto repair business, two North Texas women decided to make a change and open their own female-friendly repair shop.
Top 6 Traits That Make A Perfect Woman
Everyone has a different opinion on what beauty is and what it would take to make a perfect person, so the top 6 traits to make a perfect woman are subject to scrutiny.
A survey was done asking American men what makes a perfect woman, and I'll admit that I'm surprised at the lack of it bein…
Ray Rice Is A Criminal & I’m Scared For His Wife
The mind of an abused woman is one that no one will ever completely understand. Unless they've been in that situation. And the reasons that these women stay with the men who have hurt them vary.
Janay Palmer is in an abusive relationship. I see it on her face in pictures and after seeing the video fo…

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