Worst Films

The Worst Movies of 2016
When naming the cinematic failures of the year, what do you take into account? Box Office performance or critical response? Here, we're looking at both.
Biggest Box Office Bombs
Instead of looking back at 2014 and picking out the movies that just rubbed us the wrong way, this is taking the mathematical approach and looking at the biggest films of 2014 that were financial failures.
Worst Movies of 2014
The masters of movie bashing are back for the end of the year tradition, RiffTrax's Worst Films of 2014.  After compiling hundreds of thousands of votes from their fans, Rifftrax has come up with the 10 worst films of the year.
Worst Movies of 2013
This year is a terrific 2-for-1 with Rifftrax and their "Worst of..." lists.  Not only did we get their 2nd Annual Worst 25 Films of All Time, we also get their Top 10 Worst Films of 2013 as voted on by half-a-million Rifftrax fans.
The 5 Best and 5 Worst Films of 2011 – Tony’s List
With 2011 behind us, I sat back to take a look at the films I got a chance to see this past year. Since I couldn't decide between a Best Of and a Worst Of list, I went ahead and combined them to give you my Top 5 of each. Now, these are from the movies I actually saw this past year, and that …