***CAUTION: Obscene hand gestures used in video***

When roads are slick, you need to be even more careful about how you’re driving on the road. When rain made roads slick in Florida this month, a YouTube user going by the name of Florida Driver kept the speed down to be safe. What she got was this tailgater who would soon find out that karma is instant.

The description of the video describes a scene where the driver wasn’t able to pull over into the right lane, plus she had a left-hand turn coming up. She began filming after the tailgating had been going on for about a minute, and that driver was eventually able to pass her on the right. She states that she didn’t realize the man was giving her obscene gestures while on the right of her vehicle because she was simply holding her phone to shoot the video and not actually watching him because she was paying attention to the road.

Luckily nobody was hurt when things went south, and police were able to find the man after he fled the scene, thanks to this video.

Even if the driver wasn’t paying attention to  what she was filming and had her eyes on the road, do you think it was a smart idea to film what was happening?