In this world there are only so many music chords and note combinations that can happen before they start getting reused and start sounding the same. More times than not, it's not done on purpose but it inevitably happens.

YouTube user Isosine, has an amazing ear and was able to mash up Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" with Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect Drug". I was floored when I watched the video (even the videos kind of go together!) and heard these songs blend so perfectly. This shouldn't work, but it totally does.

Side note: I realize that Nine Inch Nails isn't the type of music that we play on 92.9 NIN BUT the initials for Nine Inch Nails is NIN so, it works.

Here's the video for Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug" in case you aren't familiar with the song:

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