The Old 97's will be in Wichita Falls on March 14th for the St. Patrick’s Day Downtown Street Festival. Before you see them live, let's flash back to 2006 when Jennifer Aniston went to one of their concerts.

In the 2006 movie 'The Break-Up,' Aniston and Vince Vaughn play a couple going through a pretty nasty break up. There's one part of the movie where it looks like the two might be able to work things out. Aniston's character invites Vaughn to join her at a concert. Unfortunately, he doesn't show up.

Who was it they were supposed to see? None other than the Old 97's. In the clip from the movie we hear clips of 3 different Old 97's songs. It starts off with 'Timebomb.' We then hear part of the song 'Salome,' and the scene ends with a little bit of the song 'Melt Show.'

Watch the clip on this Throwback Thursday and get excited to see the band live in downtown Wichita Falls on March 14th.