Does your teacher rule? Do you know Texoma's best teacher? If so, we want to meet them!

Every day teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of their students. There is no denying that our educators selflessly give an immense amount of care, time and even money to our children, which is why we have teamed up with Subway to take this opportunity and ask you to help us recognize the amazing teachers in our community.

Nominate an outstanding teacher in the Texoma area by filling out the form below. We'll honor a new teacher each week and feature them on-air and online for 10 weeks starting the week of March 12 through May 18.

Every teacher selected as the Teacher of the Week will receive a $25 Subway gift card and a chance to win a family five-pack of tickets to the brand new Epic Waters Indoor Water Park to be given away to one lucky teacher on May 21, 2018

See the Subway Texoma Teachers of the Week so far and make a nomination below!

Week 1: Dana Arthur | Kate Burgess Elementary | Wichita Falls, TX
Nominated by: Adela Zenon
"Mrs. Arthur goes way above and beyond for her students, she not only treats her students like her own children, she goes through every measure to be sure they understand the material she's teaching them. She even has the room filled up with materials she has bought herself, and she does this all to be sure that her students are being taught the best way possible." Click here to read more about Mrs. Arthur.

Dana Arthur

Week 2: Marina King | Rider High School | Wichita Falls, TX
Nominated by: Jessica Dixon
"Marina is the PAL and Spanish teacher at Rider. She goes above and beyond to make her students happy. For her PALs she grants them each a wish, some of the wishes are simple and some are more elaborate. Each student is beyond happy when the day comes and Marina has granted them a wish. As a single mom of 2 she stays busy with her own children, but she puts just as much effort into her school children as well. Marina deserves all the accolades there are, she s simply amazing!"

Week 3: Mary Laura Slappey | Electra ISD | Electra, TX
Nominated by: Kortney Thaggard
"While there are several things that Mrs. Slappey could be recognized for, the first thing that jumps out would be that this is her 50th year teaching for Electra ISD. 50 years in one place. Wow. Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of having Mrs. Slappey in school, but I did have the pleasure of working with her for 5 years in special education and as a coach. Mary Laura has put in 50 years with Electra and still keeps in touch with kids from every year of her career. She has almost a "mothering" effect on the kids. She demands excellence from them at all times and refuses anything less. Mrs. Slappey earns the children's respect by showing them the respect they each deserve and holding high expectations. I am honestly not quite sure I have seen many other teachers with the relationships Mrs. Slappey has developed and kept throughout the years. With students who have become her current students' parents and even grandparents. Mrs. Slappey has been debating retiring this year. While there are not many others in the education department that deserve it more than she, Electra ISD will not be the same place without her. I hope you consider Mary Laura for this honor, I truly believe she has earned it!"

Week 4: Sandy Hughes | Barwise Middle School | Wichita Falls, TX
Nominated by Jeff Hughes
"My wife Sandy definitely deserves to be your Teacher of the Week. She is the Leadership teacher at Barwise and always goes above and beyond to make sure that the students know that they matter to her. She greets each student each day as they enter her class with handshake or high five and always focuses on the good things that they do. She was recently asked to fill in for a math teacher that was leaving and had no problems filling the role without hesitation even though it doubled her workload. She always has a smile and is always willing to step up when asked which also makes her a great role model for the students to look up to. She is more than deserving of this award!!!!!"

Sandy Hughes
Sandy Hughes

Week 5: Melanie Hatterton | Holliday High School | Holliday, TX
Nominated by: Crystal Denney
"Ms. Hatterton goes out of her way to help all the kids. She teaches band and when the kids need something she is right there. She has been teaching for over 25 years. She stays late comes in early does one on one with the kids. She even has the special needs kids to play in the band and makes sure they are right along with the other kids no matter what. She took a 2a band to a 3a band has taken the kids to state every year since coming to Holliday. She is always smiling. Ms. Hatterton lets all the kids know they matter and count and even holds them in hard times. Ms. Hatterton goes above and beyond for the kids."

Melanie Hatterton - Holliday High School
Melanie Hatterton - Holliday High School

Week 6: Cristina Reeve | Crestview Elementary | Graham, TX
Nominated by: Priscillia Franklin
"Putting into words what this teacher means is not easy! She is a God-fearing woman who loves unconditionally! I met her several years ago when my husband started working with hers and quickly she became an inspiration! I learned that she was a breast cancer survivor, a mother to a beautiful daughter, and a stepmother to a beautiful young lady! She went back to teaching here in Graham 2 years ago I was lucky enough to get my little boy in her class this year and I couldn't t be more pleased! She loves these children and goes above and beyond to make sure they are learning what they need! My son was diagnosed with dyslexia and she caught it 6 weeks into his 2nd-grade year! To me that s amazing I have an older daughter who struggles and it was not caught till the end of her 4th-grade year! Now we have a local boy who just so happens to be her student that has now been diagnosed with leukemia and here she is above and beyond making visits to the hospital and being at local benefits! Can we please give her credit where credit is due!"

Cristina Reeve
Cristina Reeve - Crestview Elementary

Week 7: Savannah Mcallister | I.C. Evans Elementary | Burkburnett, TX
Nominated by Krystlyn Newman & Miranda Angerman
"Miss M is a kindergarten teacher at IC Evans Elementary. She has been teaching for five years and she has a calling for teaching, not only does she put 150% into teaching at school she carries this with her in all her affairs. I watched for two years, she is a great mentor. She has a very festive classroom which gives the kids a good learning environment. We were roommates and she doesn't have any children. Out of the kindness of her heart she would bring my son back and forth to school because I had to work.My son was struggling with a lot in life due to my past choices. She taught my son so much. He was struggling with social interaction, reading, speech and within the time we have lived with her she helped me and him grow into completely different people. He now reads at a first-grade level and is in kindergarten. I watched her for two years deal with every complication teach ing brought style and grace. Mrs. M has a fun and creative way to make kids enjoy school and understand that education is the most important thing to succeed in life. She taught me and my son to never give up in life no matter what life throws at you. She is an inspiration to me and her students by taking the time out of her busy lifestyle to care and give her undivided attention to help others learn valuable lessons and use different techniques to suit certain needs. She is well deserving for this. Teaching doesn't end just in the classroom. She is an all-around educator." - Krystyn Newman

"She has definitely had her hands full this year with a spirited class. She has handled it with grace and kindness. She is a wonderful communicator and I know she truly loves her kids." - Miranda Angerman

Savannah Mcallister
Savannah Mcallister

Week 8: Loy Studer | Rider High School | Wichita Falls, TX
Nominated by: James Rose
"Mr.Studer is the Rider High School Band Director. This man has and does more for these kids than any teacher I have seen before and I have seen some really good ones over the years. You see the Band program starts weeks before the school year begins. The 100-degree temperatures twice a day while summer vacation for most is still in full swing. The freezing cold when marching in the Christmas parade and the countless long bus rides to away games and competitions that Mr.Studer is right there with these kids. He inspires these kids and he gets the very most out of each and every one of them. High School is a challenging time in a kids life and Mr.Studer is the rock for every single kid in his program. I have seen this with my own 2 eyes and there is absolutely no other person more deserving of an award like this. This man took his entire program to Washington DC a month ago to tour the city. While there Mr.Studer fell on an ice patch hitting his head giving him a concussion. Now when they got back to Wichita Falls his band had UIL competition and would be working hard to get ready for it. Mr. Studer against doctors advice continued to work with the band getting them ready. Through the headaches and dizziness, he stayed with his program and they were ready to compete at the UIL competition performing flawlessly. Again this man is more than deserving of this award and I can only hope he gets the recognition he deserves."

Loy Studer
Loy Studer

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