A teacher who believes President Obama used to be a gay prostitute is the front-runner for a GOP nomination to the Texas Board of Education.

Mary Lou Bruner spent 36 years in the school system as a teacher, counselor, and educational diagnostician.  She touts having a Master's Degree in Special Education, a BS in elementary education and English, and six other Texas teaching certificates.  Her credentials aside, its Bruner's Facebook posts that have raised the most attention.  In the past she has made posts claiming,

  • President Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals due to being a gay prostitute in his 20s.
  • School shootings are a result of teaching evolution.
  • The United Nations wants to reduce the population of the world by two-thirds.
  • Dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark but died because the floods wiped out their food.
  • JFK was killed by Socialists and Communists in the Democratic Party who thought he was too conservative.
  • "Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed was part of a far-reaching conspiracy that includes President Obama.
  • She's on Obama's terrorist list.

Though the controversial posts have been removed from Bruner's Facebook page, she insists her statements were accurate.  A more in-depth collection of her posts can be found on Gawker.

Bruner achieved 48% of votes in the three-person race for the District 9 GOP nomination, just short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff election.  Bruner will face second-place Keven Ellis in a runoff election in May, with the winner being the GOP nominee against Democratic opponent Amanda Rudolph.

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