From the “Who Didn’t See That Coming?” news desk, teen bride Courtney Stodden and her considerably older husband Doug Hutchinson have called it quits.

Making headlines in 2011, then-16-year-old Stodden received parental permission to marry then-51-year-old actor Hutchinson.  Since then, both Stodden and Hutchinson have been media staples, both appearing on Couples Therapy to defend their controversial relationship, in tabloids documenting Stodden’s surgically altered appearance and proclivity towards skimpy outfits, and on British television with Stodden appearing topless as a contestant on British Celebrity Big Brother.

Sources say Stodden is heartbroken over the break-up, while other sources are divided on the reason for the split.  Some have said it was instigated by Hutchinson who was growing increasingly uncomfortable with Stodden’s growing fame, while others say the once co-dependant Stodden realized she could get by on her own after living apart from Hutchinson while on Big Brother.  Hollywood Life reports that the couple hasn’t been seen together in public for nearly a month after Stodden has breast augmentation surgery.